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Hiram Johnson’s Academies and Alpha

Britany Kieng

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Hiram Johnson High School students get to pick which academy they would like to join and become part of the family. The academies stick together throughout the year(s) and become family, supporting each other through high school. There are 3 academies for students to be part of: Johnson Corporate Business Academy (JCBA) is for students interested in business, Health Medical and Sciences (HMS) is dedicated to the medical field, Air Force Junior ROTC, Unit CA-811, and Johnson Public Service specializes in law enforcement. There is also another program that is not considered an academy anymore called Advanced Learning Program for Higher Achievement (Alpha) for college readiness to prepare students interested in four-year colleges.

JCBA and HMS have a big family that are well known throughout Hiram Johnson. These academies have field trips for their programs and hold their own events. I interviewed 2 students about their thoughts on the academies, .Rahjae Johnson, an Alpha student, stated that “They’re alright depending on how you look at it. It’s good for the students in the academies but there is a disparity issue because HMS, JCBA, Law, and ROTC all get field trips but Alpha gets nothing so it isnt fair.” Erika Herrera stated that “Alpha is long gone and I think it should be an actual academy because wow we actually work our butts off and we dont even get credit okay cool! And it would be nice to have field trips with the students we have been with since almost freshman year but because Alpha isn’t an academy we can say bye to field trips.”

Alpha and general students, the students not in any academy, do not get the same privileges and need to be recognized for their hard work just as the other academies do.

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Hiram Johnson’s Academies and Alpha