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The Transgender Community: Gender Identity Disorder

Daeny Stark

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Within the transgender community, we are under the impression that we have a mental disorder. Gender Identity Disorder also known as Gender Dysphoria. For those who do not know what it means to be a transgender, it means that you were assigned a sex at birth (male/female), but as you grow, you know or feel that this assigned sex does not fit who you truly are. The Gender Identity Disorder is the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex. In other words, you feel that your assigned sex should have been the opposite sex.

This mental illness is just a stigma within the society, and the stigma needs to be stopped because the transgender community does not have a disorder. The word disorder is just unsuitable for the trans community. As a transgender female, it is quite complicated to explain to others why we emotionally and physically feel that the assigned sex we were given does not suit who we are, but we just know for ourselves through our mind, body, and soul that we are the opposite sex. This “disorder” does not stop us from what “regular” people can do, and we are no different from anyone else.


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The Transgender Community: Gender Identity Disorder